The Grind

Classes and Appointments – Start on the top of the hour lasting 60 minutes. 

Each consists of the following: 

Dynamic Warmup – Designed to prepare the body for the specific movements and intensity of their sport(s) while simultaneously increasing heart rate, blood flow, and mobility.

Speed & Agility – Focus on improving an athlete’s speed, acceleration, agility, power, reaction time, stability, and change of direction.

Strength & Conditioning – Includes exercises such as weightlifting, plyometrics, and functional movements tailored to the specific needs of the sport and individual athletes, aiming to improve performance, reduce the risk of injury, and promote overall fitness. All programs are based on the athlete's sport, season, and position. 

The Process


We instruct our athletes to develop a growth mindset to believe that these traits can be strengthened and developed with commitment, relentless effort and work ethic.


From our experience, athletes who focus on sports performance tend to be highly competitive and elite. Here at AWOL Sports Performance we coach our athletes to pursue excellence.

In the quest for high-level performance we constantly test and evaluate our athletes to push their performance to new levels.

Athletic Development

We use sequential and progressive training systems to develop our athletes physical and mental qualities. We use an integrated manner to develop the complete athlete.

We focus on the Long Term Athletic Development Model 'LTAD' to produce results regardless of age and sport.


We are dedicated to improving our athletes performance by providing adequate knowledge on how to fuel the body for peak performance.

We give our athletes the competitive advantage with the knowledge they need to follow, in order to achieve a great nutritional lifestyle for optimal performance.


We coach the latest techniques for our athletes to properly recover and be able to maximize their improvement time. Meditation, breathing techniques, yoga, and massage therapy are some of the ways we help enhance our athletes performance.